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Building the largest industry-specific social platform ever created and giving gaming creators worldwide a new home.
With more than 600 investors we have raised over $327,000 through crowdfunding.
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The global need for true gamer community remains unfulfilled.

Gaming is Bigger Than All Other Media Categories Combined and The Creator Economy is Exploding

"Authentic, real-time connection is driving meaningful growth and is set to underpin the future landscape of social media apps."  (source)
We operate within a $57.9BN global market opportunity - that's a fast growing industry with a 13.4% projected CAGR through 2023.  (source)
2019 consumer video game spend was $120B, three-times the size of the entire global box office. (source)

The world's 2.7B gamers are siloed by game, platform, skill level and within other social networks.

A majority of gamers:
  •    •  Cite playing with others and meeting new friends as what makes gaming great.
  •    •  Play multiple games across multiple platforms.
  •    •  Have evolving preferences & interests.
But before PvP, there was no single place for them to connect with each other to pursue their individual aspirations of playing, streaming, and constantly improving

Unite the Global Gaming Community.

Through the largest industry-specific social platform ever created.

PvP connects the world’s gamers through the ONLY SOCIAL COMMUNITY where...

ALL GAMERS meet, connect, build, improve, and grow together, and
CREATORS, STREAMERS, and TEAMS build audiences and earn income.


Multi-platform integration across Mobile (iOS and Android), Desktop, and Twitch (extension).

We own the URL www.pvp.com and are building a global brand around it.

Partnerships and promotions with Twitch, Fullscreen Media, Alienware, and Blerp all contributing to beat gaming industry-average user retention rates with the early user base.
Users are spending nearly 30 minutes per day on PvP. More than Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and Pinterest.
Organic growth has nearly tripled during our beta phase.


  • •   Live Voice Chat
  • •   Gamer-Tailored Profile Pages, News Feed, Search & Messaging
  • •   Build squads and find relevant gamers who want      to play, now or later.
  • •   Content Search & Discover


  • •   Streaming Tools & Voice Chat
  • •   Helps Streamers Grow and Get Discovered
  • •   Coordinate open lobbies with  multiple games and squads
  • •   Manage cross-play.

Fundraise Highlights
Regulation CF
Raise Description
$500 per investor
Minimum Investment
Common Stock
Security Type
US $0.96
Price per Share

Investment Incentives & Bonuses

All Investors:
Investor Badge on PvP Profile.
Time-Based Perks
Friends and Family
Invest within the two weeks and receive 20% Bonus Shares.
Super Early Bird
Invest within the first four weeks and receive 15% Bonus Shares.
Early Bird
Invest within the first six weeks and receive 10% Bonus Shares.
Early Adopters
Invest within the eight weeks and receive 5% Bonus Shares.
Volume-Based Perks
Tier 1 | $1,000
Reserve preferred social handle on PvP - (Ex.@FortniteFun).
Tier 2 | $2,000
5% bonus shares
Tier 3 | $2,500
Custom NFT Profile Avatar (First 200). 
Tier 4 | $5,000
10% bonus shares
Tier 5 | $10,000
15% bonus shares
Magic Wand Internship Placement. We’ll reserve a spot in our internship program for you to use or gift for up to five years.  
Tier 6 | $25,000
25% bonus shares
Tier 7 | $50,000
Come with the PvP team to Twitchcon in Amsterdam in 2022* (First 5 investors).
*All perks occur when the offering is completed.
Phil Stover

2x Founder, Entrepreneur & Operator. Previous venture startup actively invests.

CTO & Co-Founder
Chris Gray

30 years building hyper-performing technology teams.

Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi

2019 American Business Awards Marketing Executive of the Year.

Marcella de Bie

Partner, streamer, influencer, and regular face on Twitch.tv.

Investors and Advisors
CEO, Hawke Media
Erik Huberman

Fobes 30 under 30
Founding Partner,
Hawke Ventures; Launching Fund 2

CEO, LootBear
Jimi Gecelter

CEO, ZenGaming;
backed by NfX
Israel Special Intelligence Forces

CFO, Arrowiz Entertainment
Michael Chua

Backed by Tencent
Based in Shanghai,China

CEO Vorhaus Advisors
Michael Vorhaus
  • Seed investments:
  • DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG)
    Skillz (NYSE: SKLZ)
  • Tenor (sold to Google) Sapho (sold to Citrix)
Dan Offner

Attorney at O&A P.C.
Oculus VR exit to Facebook

CRO, Icon Source
Scott Taylor

Serial Entrepreneur
Virtual Relocation exit to Monster.com

Entrepreneur & Investor
Yo Sub Kwon

Coinsetter exit to Kraken
LaunchKey, Inc. now owned by TransUnion

Lead Investor

Wavemaker is a top-decile early-stage venture capital firm founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore and manages over US$550M in assets.

Some of Wavemaker's past investments and exits include:


We're Live!

PvP’s equity crowdfunding campaign is live and you can now invest in the first true gamer social network.

We’re kicking off this limited public offering with 20% Bonus Shares for investors who purchase shares before X.

PvP is uniquely positioned to penetrate the massive $54B global gaming market by connecting gamers with lifetime digital gamer identities and a social community where they meet, connect, build, improve, and grow together.

Don’t miss your chance to maximize your investment in PvP, 20% Bonus Shares end Tuesday October, 26th.


PvP's Campaign Is Off To A Fast Start

We’re excited to welcome over X new investors in just the first 48 hours of our equity crowdfunding campaign. Invest now to join our mission to unite the world’s 2.7B gamers with the largest industry-specific social platform ever created.

Don’t forget early investors in PvP’s equity crowdfunding campaign will receive 20% Bonus Shares, but this offer ends soon,


20% Bonus Shares End Soon

Our early investor bonus equity offer ends in just a few days. Don’t miss your chance to maximize your investment in PvP with 20% Bonus Shares. This offer ends Tuesday October, 26th.

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